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Updated: Apr 16, 2023

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Company Overview is a writing service registered in Gibraltar in 2012. BrainUp Limited owns the brand. The company targets the English-speaking market and claims to be an industry leader. But how reliable is this writing service? I created this review to get into the details and show you an unbiased website analysis. So let's get started, and I'll show you the truth.

Friendly support agents;
Terrible paper quality;
No price charts;
Lack of extra services;
Fake Phdresearchproposal reviews;

Prices and Discounts

Prices start at $11.96 per page if you're willing to wait twenty days. But the price can go up to $39.50, and you're welcome if you need your paper in an hour. If you want a plagiarism report, you will have to pay $15. If you need to get a 1-page summary, then the price of your order will increase by $25. In general, all extras are quite expensive, and this is not only my opinion.

I have seen many reviews, and people agree with me. And don't forget that the Phdresearchproposal promo code is an automatic 20% discount that supposedly applies when you place an order. Unfortunately, the company took a tricky position. You cannot prove that there is no discount. At the same time, you will not see the real price of each page until you start filling out the order form.

Services Quality

It's time to discuss the usability of the order form and the quality of my order. The process of specifying instructions and activating extras did not cause me any problems. I ordered a 2-page college essay on Psychology. The writer needed to analyze the "Is leadership an innate or acquired personality trait?" topic. I asked to describe the formation process of leadership qualities through life experience and not any innate patterns. order form.

Unfortunately, my Phdresearchproposal review is unlikely to please fans of this brand. The writer ignored some of my instructions and described leadership as an innate personality trait. But that's not what I asked for! In addition, my paper did not contain solid arguments. Instead, I found only unsubstantiated judgments of the writer and dozens of grammatical errors. After the Phdresearchproposal prices review, I will never pick this company again.

Online Reputation

The Internet remembers everything, and the truth cannot be hidden. Therefore, I decided to analyze the biggest websites to check Phdresearchproposal reviews. Furthermore, my task was to analyze the overall reputation level. Finally, I want to share the results of my searches with you.


You can't even imagine how disappointed I was when I analyzed Sitejabber. I found only six reviews here, which is not enough for a full verdict. But, on the other hand, isn't a company founded in 2012 able to publicly provide services students want to discuss? I may be on the verge of an unpleasant discovery, so I will continue my Phdresearchproposal review. Let's check out the next website. reviews on SiteJabber.


Trustpilot didn't help me clear things up for this brand as with the previous website. Here I found only four reviews. It looks like I'm at a dead end and a little confused. Am I one of the few people who ordered anything from this website? But I did not lose my head and decided to continue my review. If you dig deep, the truth will become public knowledge. reviews on Trustpilot.


And here are the first real results! I knew Reddit reviews would help me find out the truth. It turned out that hundreds of people were not happy with the final paper quality, just like me. Moreover, plagiarism and missed deadlines are two factors that accompany most students when they decide to trust this company. Now I understand why I felt such a strong dissonance.

Other Review Websites

In addition to all the websites above, I checked,, Quora, and other review platforms. All these sites made me understand that the Phdresearchproposal rating is an ephemeral parameter. People are dissatisfied with this company and do not hesitate to say that. Do brand representatives not want to earn money but are only focused on momentary income?

Social Media Activity

Any academic company should use social media as different websites help keep the customer flow high. That is why I have checked the most popular websites and am ready to share my observations with you. Moreover, I will be honest and not intend to give this company concessions.


Well, I didn't even find a mention of this company on Facebook. For some reason unknown to me, the company decided that one of the largest social media is ineffective in finding new customers. Such an SMM strategy is equivalent to shooting yourself in the foot. Please, tell these guys that Facebook is very important to their brand!


Here comes another disappointment! The company does not have a Twitter page. I expected this result after not finding a Facebook account. Perhaps the company has decided to abandon the use of social media completely, but such a decision does not make any sense! However, I'm just an outside observer, and I don't care how successful these guys are.


At least, I thought that the company decided to create a YouTube account, but I was wrong. This website knows nothing about Phdresearchproposal. So this decision is no longer surprising, but I am extremely disappointed. These guys have lost a lot of opportunities to promote the brand.

Customer Support

Support agents can answer your questions via email, hotline, and online chat. I have no complaints about these guys, as they work much better than writers. I received answers to my questions about five minutes after my first message. In general, this is the only aspect the company could cope with. However, I have already formed my opinion about this writing service, and I will not change it.


The company provides revisions and refunds. However, you must provide solid proof if you want your money back. Moreover, the final decision is made by members of the QA team, who can analyze your paper for about a month.


As you can see, Phdresearchproposal made a negative impression on me. I am extremely dissatisfied with the essay I received. Moreover, I don't understand why the writer ignored my instructions. That is why I doubt that this company is worth your attention. Find an alternative, and you can avoid academic hassles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is Phdresearchproposal trustworthy? No. I don't see any reason to trust this company.
Is Phdresearchproposal a good service? No. I received a terrible paper, so you are also at risk if you choose this website.
Is legit? Yes. It is a legit website owned by BrainUp Limited.
Is reliable? No. I don't think this is a reliable company, so find an alternative.
Is a scam? No. It is just a writing service that hires non-professional writers.
Is cheating? No. But don't count on getting a good assignment if you choose this company.

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