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Updated: Apr 14, 2023

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Company Overview

Can I claim temporary insanity as my excuse for using this service? I’m sure I wasn’t drunk or high when I paid EssayMap, but I can’t think of another reason for wasting over $100 on a site that doesn’t give a damn about its clients. 

But don’t let me spoil this review! It’s a riveting story with a couple of plot twists and an open ending. I apologize in advance if it seems whiny or too sarcastic at times. I couldn’t delete those parts without replacing them with a few choice f-bombs no one wants to see.

Let’s start with the basics you need to know about EssayMap.

Hassle-free order form;
A weird website with three different promo code offers (5% to 10%);
A native English-speaking writer boosts the price by around 40%;
Support team live chat disappears when the agents don’t want to talk to you;
Zero reviews on Trustpilot, Reddit, and very little feedback elsewhere;
No online presence whatsoever outside the website;

Prices and Discounts

They don’t do online classes or tests, so the best you can hope for are multiple-choice questions (starting at $1.68 per question) or a summary of an online lecture (starting at $25.20 per page). If you want to move up the deadline, you’ll have to pay extra. My 3-page summary cost me $135 because I set the deadline at 48 hours. Beware: regular and advanced writers may not be native English speakers. Only advanced writers are supposed to be ENL. Hiring an advanced writer would have increased my bottom line to almost $200, so I skipped it.

But you’re in luck if you’re looking for an promo code. The company offers three options that I could find. The 5% discount code is available on the homepage, and the 7% off code is on the FAQ page. If you try to close the homepage, the annoying popup will promise 10% off your order in exchange for your email. 

On, you can find discount information that could make the price even more attractive.

Services Quality

The order form is probably the only thing I liked about this service. It’s simple and fast and does what it’s supposed to do - calculates the price. As I played around with the paper parameters, I noticed a few glitches, but they weren’t enough to make me mad, so I completed the order and awaited my class summary. 

If you need to estimate the approximate cost of your assignment on, you can use the online calculator.

The writer butchered the lecture. How’s that for a summary of my review? Even if it’s incomplete, it reflects the main idea of this post. The writer, on the other hand, missed all the core points my professor made and delivered a transcript of the first ten minutes of the lecture. And when I asked for a revision, they wanted me to pay extra for a transcript of the rest of the class. Of course, the writer declined my revision request, claiming my initial instructions did not specify I wanted a summary, not a transcript. But I didn’t think I needed to include that in my requirements, considering it’s called “Summary of online lectures”! As you can imagine, I was angry and had to redo the whole thing on my own. 

BTW, the transcript wasn’t even accurate! I found a dozen small mistakes and typos. Any speech-to-text software would have done a better job than the person I paid over $100 for the job.

Online Reputation 


The only review on SiteJabber is clearly a fake. It’s written in the third person with phrases like ‘What to do, the assessment is important’. Sure, it keeps the company rating at 5-stars, but it did not convince me. And I have to wonder why there are no negative posts, considering the poor writing quality. 


I can’t say much about Trustpilot reviews because there are none. I guess it’s better to have zero fake reviews than dozens of them. Still, it either means the company is super unpopular, or it deletes all negative posts from Trustpilot. 

There are no comments about on TrustPilot.


I couldn’t find any Reddit reviews either. At best, the Redditors discuss essay maps, as in diagrams that help outline and structure papers and software tools that help create those maps. I couldn’t find any mention of this writing service, though. 

Other Review Websites

The single post on looks as fake as the one on SiteJabber. But EssaysReview offers a more interesting take with nine reviews and an even split between positive and negative feedback. The overall rating is 2 out of 5 stars, reflecting my thoughts.

Social Media Activity


As I’ve mentioned, EssayMap doesn’t care about its online reputation, and the lack of current social media accounts is proof of this carelessness. I did not find a current or an abandoned Facebook page, so I got no feedback comments there.


The only mentions of EssayMap on Twitter have nothing to do with this service and everything to do with outlining software, templates, and ideas. 


There’s no Youtube channel affiliated with, and not a single video EssayMap review is available.

Customer Support

The support team is unhelpful and uncooperative. The live chat window goes up whenever the support managers feel like it, and it can close down and disappear on you in the middle of the conversation. That’s what happened to me a couple of times. In the end, I had to resort to emails and phone calls. I’m not sure if it was a software glitch or a conscious desire to keep me from getting answers, but my whole experience with EssayMap support was unpleasant. It made me feel like a clingy ex instead of a paying customer.


I know I read the fine print before placing the order, but I had to reread it before writing this Essay Map review because the QA managers got me confused. According to the Money Back Guarantee, you can get a partial or a full refund. Full refunds are a thing of legend, and you’d have to waste a few weeks to get one. Partial refunds are supposed to be easier, as formatting and grammar mistakes are obvious and supposedly don’t need much proof. That’s what it says on the website. In reality, I am still waiting for my partial refund. According to the QA team, my online lecture summary was “very complex”, and my instructions were “vague and incomplete”. has tricky Money Back Guarantee.


The vacuum in place of EssayMap reviews should have been my first clue. But I soldiered on despite the uncaring support agents and weird promo codes. After wasting over $100 and a week of my time, I can say with certainty this service deserves a place on my shitlist. I got an incomplete, half-assed transcript instead of a summary, and the writer had the gall to ask for more money! I will continue to fight for a refund, but in the meantime, steer clear and tell your friends to stay away, too. Let’s make sure sites like this go out of business and stop stealing our money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is legit? The website belongs to Forpio Limited, a Cyprus-based company. However, the owner is not identifiable through Whois, so there’s no telling whether the info in the Terms and Conditions is correct.
Is EssayMap reliable? I don’t think so. Wrestling a refund from this company is a challenge because of the cleverly-worded money-back warranty that ensures you never see your money again.
Is a scam? They won’t steal your money but will lie and mislead you. And you won’t get what you pay for, so it’s not the safest option for graded papers.
Is cheating? Yep, they never promise your writer will be a native English speaker or hold a degree. Unless you read the fine print and go into this with your eyes wide open, you will feel cheated.

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The writing quality is very poor and the support team is unhelpful. I wouldn't even give this site a 1-star rating if I could.

by Gerard D.
Nov 13, 2022
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The writers are only interested in making money IMO My paper was completely plagiarized and the writing is terrible.

by Dorothea
Nov 8, 2022
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