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  • Updated: Dec 6, 2022
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  • Author: Davy Jones

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Company Overview

The last time I was searching for an essay writing service to order an academic assignment, I came across IvyPanda and was quite impressed. After reading numerous positive IvyPanda Reddit reviews and comments, I could not wait to browse the company website and discover a plethora of beneficial services. Well, the main page looks structured, so it is possible to find all the necessary information quite fast. However, the moment I started searching for any price-related items, it took me a while to detect the right page. 

In fact, reading the information mentioned on the website, you can think that it is one of the most trusted services, but when you read at least one IvyPanda.com review left by an experienced customer, you start searching for pitfalls. Striving to be unbiased and honest, I decided to place an order and create my own extensive and transparent IvyPanda review.

Easy-to-navigate website;
Free essays;
Delayed submissions;
Tons of mistakes and typos in the papers;
Plagiarized essays;
Tricky revision policy;
Irrelevant information on the website;

Prices and Discounts 

It is impossible to deny that the cost of the assignments was one of the most discussed topics in the IvyPanda reviews I was reading. As mentioned by most customers, the expectations did not coincide with reality. According to the information I found on the website, the minimum price per page is $11 and depends on the number of pages you order, the academic level of the project, urgency, and topic. Well, when I started calculating the price of my assignment, it was around $45 for a 3-page essay with a 5-day deadline. It is also indispensable to mention that a 15% IvyPanda discount code for new clients was activated automatically. 

It's easy to calculate the price of an assignment on IvyPanda.com.

You can only imagine how great my confusion was when I proceeded to the paper ordering process and saw another price, which was more than $20 higher. Did I get any explanations? When I wrote an email to the customer support service, I got no reply in 3 days. However, when I received one, it was too late, as I had already confirmed the order by that time. 

Services Quality

What did I expect to get for over $65 per 3 pages of the trivial college-level project? Deep and profound analysis of leadership as an innate or acquired personality trait. Besides, I wanted to get reasonable arguments supporting one of the positions. What did I get in return? A single IvyPanda review is not enough to describe my resentment and dissatisfaction, but I will try to share the basics. 

From the very beginning, everything seemed too complicated. It took me approximately an hour to place an order, mentioning all the requirements and specifications. After I paid for the assignment, I just had to wait for five days to get it accomplished. Unfortunately, I did not receive my assignment within the discussed term, as it was delivered a day later. Well, I was ready to accept it if it would be a well-structured and coherent essay on the topic. 

The first thing I noticed right away was a plethora of grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. Instead of “leadership,” the words “laedership” and “leadersheep” were used. Sentences like “Leedeship has always was one of the most important traites for person” were not rare. The absence of any formatting and structure made the text hard to read and comprehend. Nonetheless, it was not the worst problem. Reading the paper, it sounded familiar to me, so I decided to check it for plagiarism. Believe it or not, 20% of the work was copied from a different essay. That was hilarious! 

I read a lot of negative IvyPanda.com reviews, but I could never think I would become the one to witness a complete mixture of the worst features. To be honest, contacting the representatives of the support service, I had little hope someone could improve the paper. It was easier and faster to write another paper rather than proofread and edit that one. 

Customer Support

Even though I did not expect to get a full refund, I wanted to discuss the situation and find possible solutions to the problem. Contacting representatives of the support group was a real challenge, as the company could be contacted only by phone. The hotline was constantly busy, so I decided to keep searching for other options. Well, after I placed the order, I was redirected to another website that had an online chat with the support agents. 

If you need help from the support team of IvyPanda.com, you can contact them only by phone.

There is no need to deny that I got a response really fast, but it was 100% useless. Did the team know why my IvyPanda.com promo code was not activated? Did they help me get a partial refund? Did they provide me with decent guidelines on how to get a free revision? Even if they knew the answers to all these questions, they were not interested in sharing that data. 


Unlimited free revisions, guaranteed refund within seven days after the order delivery, and a plethora of other promises mentioned on the website were not true. According to my personal experience, I can tell that the company does not fulfill its policies and guarantees. Consequently, you may never be sure that you pay for a high-quality paper delivered on time. After you place an order, no one cares about your problems. An interesting fact here: it was mentioned in one IvyPanda.com review that the representatives of the support team did not answer questions left after the order confirmation.

IvyPanda.com does not fulfill its policies and guarantees.


IvyPanda is another essay writing service that provides learners with mediocre quality at a hilarious cost. Irrelevant information on the website, delayed orders, plagiarized texts, tons of typos and inaccuracies, combined with absent safety guarantees, make the platform unreliable. Can I recommend it to anyone searching for help? It may be an option for high-school students, but only if they have no other way out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
IvyPanda.com legit? Although the company is officially registered in the USA, it cannot be called legit. Once you are ready to place an order, you are redirected to a different website, which seems suspicious. As a result, you never know who is responsible for the quality and convenience of your experience.
IvyPanda reliable? From the multitude of similar essay writing platforms, IvyPanda is one of the least trusted. The information presented on the company website has nothing to do with reality. A vague pricing policy and lack of safety guarantees make the service irrelevant.
IvyPanda.com scam? If you read my review attentively, you will notice a lot of factors that can make you doubt the reliability of the platform. Delayed deadlines and high costs are not the only problems with the service. Instead, the inability to get free revisions and guaranteed refunds make the situation even worse.
IvyPanda.com cheating? After I read numerous IvyPanda reviews, I started doubting the dependability of the service. However, when I placed an order and got the essay delivered, I realized that my worst fears had come true. The information offered on the company website was fake and irrelevant.

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The quality of the work was good and I had no issues with the turnaround time.

by Thomas
Jan 7, 2023
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I was pleased with the customer service I received. The response times were adequate, and the representatives were knowledgeable and friendly.

by Rachel
Dec 23, 2022
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I'm not sure if this site is legit or not. I read some reviews and it seems like the support team is lazy and doesn't want to help you.

by Kendra
Nov 8, 2022
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I feel like my paper was not read by a human. There were so many mistakes and typos in my paper

by AR
Oct 9, 2022
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The website is incredibly easy to navigate but tons of irrelevant information is a huge red flag

by Sonny
Sep 8, 2022
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