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  • Updated: Dec 6, 2022
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Company Overview

Even though the popularity of essay writing services is growing, it is complicated to find a reliable and trustworthy one. A few weeks ago, I came across a platform I had never seen before. The website was quite up-to-date, and the information claimed there seemed appealing. After reading some comments about Writology, which was the name of the website, I realized that the service was professional and high-quality. Nonetheless, there was a single Writology.com review that made me doubt the dependability of the company. Thus, I decided to test its services and make my personal conclusions. Are you ready to hear the details of my experience? Keep reading to find a comprehensive review of the platform that looks better than it really is.

Easy to navigate website;
High costs;
Irrelevant information;
Non-professional writers;
Low quality of the papers;

Prices and Discounts

It is impossible to deny that most students read the Writology review and check out the comments just to get information about the pricing, revision, and refund policies offered by the company. As for the costs, they are quite competitive here, but not low. On average, a single page of the academic text will cost $13.99. Additionally, I found an interesting section with the Writology.com promo code and discount information that could make the price even more attractive.

The cost of a paper on Writology.com depends on the assignment type, deadline, and the number of pages.

Nonetheless, irrespective of the appealing claims made on the website, reality turned out to be different. A three-page essay on Social Psychology due in 7 days cost me over $45. What about a discount? I never got one, just because the company had some technical problems and the promo code could not be used.

On Writology.com you can find discount information that could make the price even more attractive.

Services Quality

Dubious and controversial comments from previous customers, the absence of relevant information, and a few other factors made me interested in the quality of the papers delivered by the platform. To test the service, I decided to place an order on Social Psychology and see how the experienced and qualified native English writers would cope with quite a simple assignment. The topic of the essay was “Is leadership an innate or acquired personality trait,” and the main task of the scholar was to enumerate several reasons that prove that leadership had either nature.

Striving to simplify the task, I mentioned detailed instructions on the assignment, specifying the goal of the writing, its main idea, and specific points I wanted to see in the paper. Besides, I didn't urge the writer to accomplish the paper, so I ordered a three-page essay due in seven days. Wasn't that enough for quite a trivial assignment?

Well, my paper was one day late. No excuses, no refunds or explanations. That was the first point that made me concerned, but the problems did not stop at that point. On opening the paper, I saw straight text without any formatting. No citations, no bulleted or numbered lists, no paragraphs. What? Can an academic text look like that? I had too many reasons to contact the team and request a 100% refund.

However, I decided to give the company the last chance, so I started reading the paper. “Leadership was the features that have characterized a students” was the first phrase I noticed at first glance. I had no words to explain my emotions. Do you, guys, think that a native speaker does not know how to use tenses and articles in English? Tons of typos, punctuations, and grammar mistakes helped me understand that I could not help but write a detailed Writology.com review to warn the students of the potential risk.

Should I mention the content of the paper? Could you ever have thought that leadership was an innate character trait just because so many people claimed that they were born to be leaders? Does it make any sense? What about the analysis of some studies? Any evidence or facts that could prove the presented information?

When I lost any hope, I checked the paper for plagiarism and detected 15% of the essay to be simply copied from another work. Complete disappointment.

Customer Support

Why was it so important for me to contact the support team? I had too many questions about the quality of the paper I received, policies offered by the company, and the Writology discount code I could not use. Basically, surfing the company website, I noticed several ways to access the staff, including the mobile phone, email, live chat, and contact form. I used all of them just because none of them seemed to be really working.

You can contact the customer support managers on Writology.com via mobile phone, email, live chat, and contact form.

It took me over 30 minutes to get a reply in one of the social media messengers, but, unfortunately, I could only get general answers about the pricing policy, paper ordering process and specifications of the website functioning. No information about the existing orders was available. Thus, I had to spend an extra hour contacting the team via the phone. The support representative was polite and friendly, but useless. No data on the refund policy, just simple instructions on how to get a free revision. It seemed like he didn't hear my question.


As usual, I read multiple Writology.com reviews before I placed an order. Some of them were positive, while others contained a lot of information about a fake privacy policy and money-back guarantee. It made me doubt the reliability of the service at that time, but I could not make any conclusions before testing the service on my own.

Writology.com provide fake privacy policy and money-back guarantee.

Well, browsing the website, I noticed a Guarantee section that contained some data about the refund policy and quality guarantee. Nonetheless, no details were mentioned. How was I supposed to request a free revision of my essay? How could I ask for the refund?

After talking to the representatives of customer support, I realized that the service completely excludes a chance for the users to get their money back. Instead, they offer unlimited revisions that cannot actually improve the situation.


Most students, who are ready to spend money on the accomplishment of certain assignments, strive to get a coherent, well-structured, and scholarly paper. If you read a Writology review carefully, you will understand that the service has nothing to do with the high quality of the essays, deep analysis of the topic, and grammar, punctuation, and formatting excellence. Therefore, I would recommend you to search for alternative platforms that guarantee the high quality of the delivered papers, the safety of the experience, and the dependability of provided services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is Writology.com legit? Browsing the website, you will not find any information about the privacy policy, revision policy, or money-back guarantee. Consequently, it is hard to believe that the service is legit.
Is Writology.com reliable? If you need a well-structured paper that meets specific requirements, Writology is not an option to consider.
Is Writology.com scam? The platform provides students with the papers, but their quality is ultimately low. Tons of mistakes and inaccuracies in the texts, the absence of formatting, and shallow research make people doubt the dependability of the service.
Is Writology.com cheating? Unfortunately, it was proven by a few other Writology reviews that many papers delivered by the service were plagiarised.

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