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Company Overview

It is hard to imagine a college student who has never heard of Essayshark, as it is one of the oldest essay writing services available on the market. According to numerous reviews, most students are mistakenly convinced that there is a link between the quality of the delivered papers and the experience on the web. Besides, some of them are deluded by the bright design of the website and its ambitious statements. Isn’t Essayshark as dependable as everyone thinks? It is time to tell the truth. Although the service is highly ranked on Sitejabber and similar platforms, some comments seem to be fake. How do I know it? Can I prove it? Keep reading a comprehensive Essayshark review to get the details of my experience ordering paper here.

An opportunity to choose the writer;
Customer-friendly website;
Low-quality papers;
High costs;
Tricky refund policy;
No discounts;
No extra services;

Prices and Discounts

Surfing the Essayshark website, searching for the online calculator or a table that would give you a hint of how much your order could cost, you will fail. The reason is obvious, as it is the intermediary service that connects students with writers. Consequently, the student places an order, mentioning all the requirements, so that the scholars can estimate the price and place a bid. Finally, the learner will select the most appealing or cheap quote.

If you need to estimate the approximate cost of your assignment on, you can use the online calculator.

It is possible to claim that prices here are negotiable, but you should be ready to spend at least $14-15 per single page of the written text. Besides, you should not waste time looking for an promo code for a new customer, or any other type of discount, as it is not an option here.

Services Quality

Although the online reputation of the platform is quite bad, and there is an unlimited number of comments that emphasize the poor quality of delivered essays and provided services, I wanted to place an order, witness everything and write a comprehensive, unbiased Essayshark review that would help students avoid critical mistakes.

The assignment I placed was quite easy, titled “Is leadership an innate or acquired personality trait?”. I did not mention a lot of details to the paper formatting or citing but still asked for an academic essay that would meet general college requirements. The text was supposed to be written in 10 days.

After I finished with the details of the assignment, I started waiting for the bids. It took me over half an hour to get the first quote, which was hilarious. Later, I realized that it would be ultimately challenging to select the writers, as I knew none of them, while the offered prices varied from $15 to $28 per page.

I decided to choose the most expensive option, as it was supposed to be the most professional. So, I paid $140 for a 5-page paper on Social Psychology and received something unusual. What was that? Instead of a well-structured, coherent, and consistent essay, I got a straight text full of typos, mistakes, and data inconsistencies. Did it have anything in common with professionalism and quality? I am still confused about how an experienced native English writer could say “ leadership was a acquired trait” or “some personality traits is build the whole life.”

As for the content, it had nothing to do with college-level writing. The writer neither explained the difference between the innate and acquired personality traits nor ascribed leadership to either of them. What was the objective of the essay then? No facts, no relevant information, no scientific data included. How could the professor estimate such a paper? Bad, so I knew I would ask for the revision and probably even request a refund.

Customer Support

When I opened my essay, I knew I would need the assistance of the customer support service. Nonetheless, I was greatly disappointed to see that the company did not offer a live chat option or a phone number for quick access. Instead, there was only an email for those students who had different types of questions. Thus, no matter if you wanted to get data about the Essayshark discount code, privacy policy, free revisions, or money-back guarantee, you had to write an email and wait for the reply.

The only way to contact the support team on is by email.

How long did it take to get a response? Approximately three days. The worst part of the story was that the team members could not help me out, which meant I just wasted three days of my life.


Irrespective of the information you can find on the company website, the Essayshark team is not responsible for the quality of the paper you will get. In fact, it is the intermediary service that connects the student and the writer. Reading one Essayshark review, I discovered an interesting story when the support representatives supervised the revision process, but it was an exception rather than the rule.

Essayshark team is not ready to take responsibility for the quality of the paper you will get.

From my personal experience, I can tell that dealing with the platform, you should rely only on the honesty of the selected writer. Otherwise, you risk getting in trouble that may potentially cost you time, money, and academic success.


From the variety of essay writing services available on the up-to-date market, Essayshark is not the best option for college students that require professional, quality, and timely assistance with complicated assignments. In fact, as it has been mentioned in the review, the writers cannot sometimes cope even with easy papers.

Additionally, the lack of transparency in pricing, confidentiality, revision, and refund policies contributes to the customer’s concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, I answer
Is legit? The company does its best to assure clients that they will get the best services at the most reasonable costs. However, the reality is a bit different, as, in fact, they will have to deal with all the problems independently. No policies and no guarantees are available.
Is reliable? A low company rating and an unlimited number of comments prove that the service cannot provide learners with high-quality, coherent, and consistent papers worth appreciation. Additionally, the final cost of the assignment becomes available only after you place an order and get the first bids. Other services available by the platform are also dubious, so finding an alternative platform is always a good idea.
Is scam? If you read the review carefully, you will understand that the company is not a scam. However, being an intermediary between the customer and the writer, the platform cannot guarantee the high quality of the delivered essays.
Is cheating? Based on Essayshark reviews and my personal experience, I can say that the company is cheating. A considerable number of customers got plagiarized papers, while others spend much time editing and proofreading essays because of tons of mistakes.

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worst academic writing service I've ever used I had a terrible time trying to get a refund for my paper.

by Kenny
Nov 5, 2022
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I had a really bad experience with Essayshark. The customer service was unhelpful and the writers were not knowledgeable. I would not recommend this service to anyone.

by Janette
Nov 2, 2022
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They provided me with a terrible customer experience. The writer was unresponsive and the quality of the paper was subpar.

by Zachary
Oct 30, 2022
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The pricing is very high for such low-quality papers, especially considering they don't offer anything else in the package.

by Amanda
Oct 29, 2022
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