Code with a Cause

Covo STL / St. Louis, MO / February 22-24, 2019


Code with a Cause

Code with a Cause, presented by Mastercard, is a hackathon that benefits nonprofit organizations in the Greater St. Louis region. During this 48-hour event, teams of technologists (developers, designers, project managers) are partnered with a nonprofit that has pre-identified a specific software need. At the end of the hackathon, the project is then given to the nonprofit to implement within their organization.

How it Works

The event starts on a Friday evening, where each of the selected nonprofits presents their technology challenge to all of the hackathon participants. Based on interest, participants will then select which project or ‘cause’ they would like to work on that weekend.

Each nonprofit will need to provide an organization representative (or several) that will help guide their technical team during the weekend. While it will not be required for that person to be on site during the entire weekend, the more input and direction they can provide, the stronger their final product will be. Both in-person and remote (on-call) mentors will be available to float amongst the teams to offer specific technical help. These mentors may lend specific expertise with design, data systems, copywriting, etc.

The event culminates on Sunday with final project presentations and celebration of what each team accomplished. After the event, participants are invited, but not required, to maintain a relationship with the nonprofit they are paired with.

Are you someone who’s interested in making a difference with technology? Learn more about participating → Participant Application.

Are you a nonprofit who could benefit from Code with a Cause? Learn more about how we work with nonprofits → Nonprofit Application.

If you have questions about Code with a Cause, please contact McKenna Sawchak at

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