Summer Camp 2017 Registration

2017 Course Descriptions

From game design to web development, we’ve got a variety of courses that will fit your interest and experience level. You’ll build new skills, make new friends, and have a fun time doing it! So, are you ready? Come code with us!Any student who meets the age requirement for a course by August 1st of the camp year may enroll in that course. For example, if your 13-year-old is interested in a course for ages 14-18, they must turn 14 by August 1, 2017.

Courses for Students 10-13  |  Courses for Students 14-18

Ages 10-13

DateCourse TitleRegister
July 10 – July 14Building Basic Websites
Learn to build a website for your school, business, or anything you can imagine! In this course, your child will find out how the Internet actually works, as well as other concepts and terms related to web development. Then, they will build fully functional websites using CSS (styling), HTML (content), and Javascript (interaction). (Beginner to Intermediate)
July 17 – July 21Minecraft Mods
Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world. Using modifications, students can create and enhance their gaming environment in Minecraft—all using code! This week-long course will introduce students to building mods in Minecraft with Python. (Beginner to Intermediate).
July 24 – July 28Coding 101
Never coded before? Not to worry, start here! First, students will dive deep and find out how computers (hardware) understand the instructions humans give them (software). Next, they will learn the building blocks of software development, such as data types, loops, and conditional statements. (Beginner to Intermediate).
July 31 – August 4Designing Mobile Apps
Whether to message our friends and family, scroll through an Instagram feed, or play Fruit Ninja, we use mobile applications every day. Using drag-and-drop tools, students will build simple apps complete with sounds, graphics, interactions, and more. (Beginner to Intermediate).

Ages 14-18

DateCourse TitleRegister
July 10 – July 14Intro to Web Development
Students will learn the building blocks of web development: HTML, CSS, Javascript/JQuery, version control, user interaction and user experience design, and several additional concepts that are involved in building and maintaining websites. They will use these building blocks to develop and improve upon their own websites. (Beginner to Intermediate)
July 17 – July 21Intro to Game Design
In this course, students will learn the basics of game development, including sprite or character design, level construction, and other tools. Then they will create their own game’s events, rules and more, teaching them computational thinking and programming along the way! (Beginner to Intermediate)
July 24 – July 28Coding In Python
Python, out of all the programming languages, most resembles human languages. This makes it easy to learn, but it is also powerful enough to power large search engines like Google. In this course, students will learn the object-oriented programming language with one final goal: building their own game, complete with sounds, graphics, scoreboards, and other interactions! Prior knowledge of algebra, including variables, integers, and evaluation of functions is a prerequisite for this class. (Beginner to Intermediate)
July 31 – August 4Intro to Mobile App Development
Increasingly, we rely on applications (or apps) that we can take with us on the go. In this course, students will learn how to design and build mobile apps, accessible software that can help us send messages to friends, shop online, or order food. The only limit on the types of apps you’ll create is your own imagination! (Beginner to Intermediate)

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