Building the next generation of tech talent.

GlobalHack gives students hands-on experiences around computer science. We get students excited about computer programming by showing them how fun, creative, and empowering coding can be.

What is coding and why is it important?

Coding is telling a computer what to do. To some extent, learning to code is similar to learning a foreign language. There are many different coding languages, each one designed with different needs in mind. Lacking at least a baseline technical awareness will severely limit one’s ability to interact with, and contribute to, modern society.

Software is Everywhere

Software powers our digital world. Every website, app, and even certain appliances rely on code in order to operate. Our world is increasingly run by software and we need more people ready to help built it.

Growing Talent Gap

Over the next 10 years it is estimated that there will be 1.4 million jobs in computer sciences and only around 400,000 graduates qualified to do them. Even jobs not directly linked to computer science will rely on technology and coding.

Form of Expression

Computer programmers use a combination of creativity and critical-thinking skills to solve real problems using software. By acquiring these skills, kids are able to use software to build their own games, animations, websites, or products.

Improved Trajectories

Learning to build and work with software empowers students to build a better opportunity path for themselves, allowing them to contribute to society and the economy, irrespective of their background and social status.


What else do students gain from learning to code?

Learning to code promotes computational thinking, which is how software engineers solve problems. It combines mathematics, logic, and teaches you a new way to think about the world. Computational thinking helps us to tackle large problems by breaking them down into smaller, more manageable problems, and allows us to create abstract models for complex systems.

Does GlobalHack work with schools?

GlobalHack works with dozens of partner schools and districts to host or promote our programs. We can also help schools generate student interest in their existing computer science classes.

What kinds of students does GlobalHack work with?

GlobalHack programs are available to middle and high school students. GlobalHack programs are open to these students regardless of race, gender, school, or socio-economic status. We believe that everyone should have opportunity to create something amazing with software!

Does my student need prior coding experience to participate?

Absolutely not! GlobalHack offers programs for beginners, even if they have never seen or written a single line of code. We also put on events that cater to more experienced middle and high school programmers.

How can I sign up as a mentor?

Mentors with experience with software design, product development, or who have a passion for technology are a key component in our programs. For our code nights and hackathons, GlobalHack mentors work side-by-side with teams to help them develop real-world apps. You can apply to be a GlobalHack mentor by filling out this form:

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