Youth Coding League Fall 2017 Competition Recap

On Saturday, December 2, middle school students from around the St. Louis area participated in a spectator-friendly coding competition.

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December 5, 2017 (ST. LOUIS) – GlobalHack’s Youth Coding League (YCL) is a twelve-week competitive coding program for middle school students. During the program, student teams work with school-based coaches to prepare for a spectator-friendly coding competition at the end of the season, learning computer programming basics along the way. Industry mentors provide additional support and guidance to League teams.

Teams faced four unique challenges: an exciting live coding competition, a teamwork challenge, presentation of their final project, and a code review.

During the live coding section, teams were given two time-based challenges where, as a team, they were instructed to write new programs that met specific criteria. Two live ‘announcers’ provided commentary for spectators who may have been unfamiliar with coding or the importance of computer science.

Teams were also asked to demo and present their final projects (Python-based games that had been built over the course of twelve-weeks) to a panel of judges. Participants were asked to touch on their process and challenges in building the game, the roles each team member played, and their takeaways from the program.

At the end of the day, the judges were faced with the difficult task of selecting our winners for the Fall 2017 Competition. The winning teams and their associated schools are:

1st Place
Team Nipher, Nipher Middle School – Kirkwood School District

2nd Place
Scuba Coders, Ritenour Middle School – Ritenour School District

3rd Place
RMS Rebel Squad, Rogers Middle School – Affton School District

Most Creative
Cobra, Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School (MICDS)

Best Theme
Coding Queens, Rockwood South Middle School – Rockwood School District

We would like to thank our participant schools (Carr Lane VPA, Fanning Middle School, LaSalle Middle School, MICDS, Nipher Middle School, Ritenour Middle School, Rogers Middle School, Rockwood South, Visitation Acadmemy, and Yeatman-Liddell Middle School), volunteers, coaches, staff, parents, participants and funders (especially Monsanto, Maritz) for being part of our Fall 2017 Season!

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