K-12 Coding Resources

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Get Started with Coding!

Since we launched our youth programs, we’ve had a number of questions from folks about where to start learning computer science. Oftentimes, the hardest part in starting to code is the sheer number of resources available online.

These resources are:

  • Age-Appropriate
  • Beginner-Friendly
  • User-friendly
  • Accessible
  • And Free!

Below is a curated collection of online resources to help get you started on your coding journey!

Student Resources

Grade-level (Age)Coding ResourceLink
Elementary, Middle School (Ages 8+)Scratch
Scratch is a free programming language and online community where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations.
Middle, High School (Ages 10+)Khan Academy
Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that helps educate
students by producing short lectures in the form of YouTube videos.
Middle, High School (Ages 12+)Mozilla Thimble
Thimble is an online code editor that makes it easy to create and
publish your own web pages while learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Teacher & School Resources

Grade-level (Age)Coding ResourceLink
Elementary, Middle, High School (Ages 5+)Code.org
Code.org’s grade-specific learning environment lets students save their coding projects, and provides teachers with lesson plans in CS topics.
Elementary, Middle School (Ages 10-14)CS First
CS First’s instructional videos guide students through a CS concept and
activity using Scratch; teachers can also manage the classroom virtually.
High School (Ages 15-18)Pencil Code
Pencil Code is a free programming tool developed by a Google
engineer and his son, with open-source contributions from many

Parent & Family Resources

Grade-level (Age)Coding ResourceLink
Elementary School (Ages 5-10)Family Code Night
Family Code Night is a whole-school family event that ignites
computer science learning at any elementary school, and in any family.
Elementary, Middle School (Ages 10-14)CS Unplugged
CS Unplugged is a collection of learning activities that teach CS
through engaging games and puzzles, with readily available materials.
High School (Ages 15-18)Coder Dojo
Any student can attend an in-person Dojo, where they can learn to
build a website, create an app or a game, and explore technology with peers.

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