GlobalHack Announces Winners for Homelessness-Centered Hackathon

GlobalHack Announces Winners for Homelessness-Centered Hackathon

October 28, 2016 (ST. LOUIS) – This past weekend, 15 teams walked away with cash in their pockets after winning top prizes at a civic-focused software competition at Chaifetz Arena on the campus of Saint Louis University. GlobalHack challenged participants to create technology solutions that would help agencies like St. Patrick Center end homelessness. The hackathon drew 156 teams from St. Louis and beyond, including 33 states and seven foreign countries that included India, Nigeria, Portugal, Bulgaria, Mexico, Germany, and the Netherlands.

The key challenge for the hackathon centered around a type of software called a HMIS, or Homeless Management Information System, which collects and analyzes data for homeless clients, or those at-risk of becoming homeless. Teams were asked to develop solutions for one of four sub-problems, which were generated by in-person interviews and focus groups conducted by GlobalHack staff and partners. Topics included prevention; emergency shelters; electronic referrals and data sharing; and data visualization.

The winning teams are:

Grand Prize ($150,000): Samaritan, Team 134
A responsive web application to match those at-risk of becoming homeless with actionable next steps and relevant resources.

Best Team Spirit Prize ($2,500): PathOut, Team 89
PathOut allows case managers to determine their client’s individual needs based on key service areas: housing, education, health, and employment.

Pro Division Winners

1st Place – Pro Division ($125,000): Samaritan, Team 134
Grand prize winner.

2nd Place – Pro Division ($100,000): HomeMore HMIS, Team 86
Allows providers of services to at-risk households – utilities, landlords, etc. – to help their customers find financial assistance in both the public and private sectors.

3rd Place – Pro Division ($50,000): OOP (Ounce of Prevention), Team 147
Provides CoCs, landlords, and at risk tenants with the resources to prevent homelessness before its starts. The app takes over payments and act as a cosigner on the lease to prevent evictions, meanwhile connecting CoC’s with at-risk clients.

4th Place – Pro Division ($25,000): JOYN, Team 93
With JOYN, every organization in the CoC has access to smart intake forms that collect vital information into a central hub, which also allows for agency and client text-based alerts and notifications.

5th Place – Pro Division ($10,000): angelhop, Team 137
AngelHop is a suite of resources designed to empower the homeless community and their resources, which includes functionality includes: CoC network-wide analytics, referrals, and client success tracking.

College Division Winners

1st Place – College Division ($100,000): ScoobyDooIt, Team 29
A phone messaging, kiosk and web application that helps those who are less fortunate find food pantries and homeless shelters.

2nd Place – College Division ($50,000): Penguin, Team 35
Penguin allows homeless citizens to call into a central system and it will tell them what shelters are near them and which have open beds.

3rd Place – College Division ($25,000): STLUnited, Team 30
Our product, Unir, remasters the HMIS CRM-like structure by applying three key features: applicants for services, constantly updating urgency values to a person’s situation, and recommendations to services that best fit them.

4th Place – College Division ($15,000): Elixir, Team 42
Elixir gathers data from multiple websites such as the homeless directory and rent assistance. It uses this data to provide useful information for its users.

5th Place – College Division ($5,000): The TinCan, Team 53
TinCan is GoFundMe for people at risk of losing their homes.

Youth Division Winners

1st Place – Youth Division ($50,000): Foundation, Team 152
Foundation connects individuals in need to services in the St. Louis area.

2nd Place – Youth Division ($25,000): Clementine, Team 14
Clementine allows for seamless communication between shelters, service providers, the homeless, and volunteer groups.

3rd Place – Youth Division ($10,000): ShelterChain, Team 16
Uses blockchain to open-source and keep encrypted homeless information to allow for easier sharing between shelters and clients.

4th Place – Youth Division ($5,000): Homeless Hack, Team 3
Provides various links, maps, services, and resources for homeless citizens.

5th Place – Youth Division ($2,500): Bounce Back, Team 10
Uses live data systems to track homeless citizens and provide financial counsel when they need it most.


The winning solutions will be made available through an open-source license, making these early prototypes free for anyone to use and improve. More importantly, over the next 12-18 months, GlobalHack, working alongside St. Patrick Center and other area Continuum of Care members, will form an implementation team and apply $250,000 of the prize money as follow-on funding to mature and bring one of the most promising solutions to market under an open-source software license.

The John Cook School of Business at Saint Louis University served as the event’s Title Sponsor; Monsanto, St. Patrick Center, and The Cunnane Family Foundation served as Presenting Sponsors.

GlobalHack is building a better tech ecosystem through software competitions. Our events bring together developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to solve real-world, civic-minded problems. GlobalHack is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The mission of the St. Patrick Center is to help individuals and families move from homelessness to independence in dignified, cost-effective and permanent ways. This approach transforms our clients as well as our entire community.

The John Cook School of Business has a long-standing history of creating successful business leaders. As the oldest business school west of the Mississippi River, in the heart of a large metropolitan area, the school offers highly ranked business programs and is well connected and respected in the business community.

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