Monthly Giving

What is QWERTY?

QWERTY is GlobalHack’s monthly giving program, giving you a chance to make a difference with gifts that fit in your monthly budget. Check out the giving levels below to see what the right-size monthly gift for you can do at GlobalHack.

Why QWERTY? It’s the name of our standard keyboard layout, based on the first six keys of the top row. We know your monthly donation means you’re keeping us top of mind, and we wanted a name that reminds you every day just how awesome you are.

Why give monthly?


Join an online community for exclusive news releases, surprise thank yous,
and more impact stories that matter to you.


Setting up a monthly gift is easy, and more convenient to fit in your budget.
Figure out 
where you’d like to start, but know you can change your
donation at any time.


A monthly donation isn’t a small commitment. We genuinely appreciate
ongoing gifts for 
the stability they provide us to continue our work
in the community.

What does your gift do?

GlobalHack considers no monthly gift too small. No matter what you’re able to contribute, your donation will be supporting our mission to drive social impact through technology.


Pay for the taxi fare that’ll help a scholarship recipient get to summer camp.


Give the gift of GlobalHack Summer Camp with a full scholarship.


Sponsor a team at the next hackathon or youth design challenge.


Fund CS First for a full semester at a local middle school.

Make your donation now using the secure widget below. Your monthly contribution can be changed at any time.

Not ready to jump into QWERTY just yet? Make a one-time donation here.

Where does your gift go?

The breakdown of expenses at GlobalHack differs from odd to even years, with the organization’s flagship event taking place every two years. High-level breakdowns of the organization’s budget for the past two years is provided here. Check out our [annual reports] for more information, or contact us at

2017:                                                                                                  2018:


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